"She’s the emotional and musical growth we never expected, nor knew we needed. After releasing her self-titled debut album recently, we caught up up with her to talk about the album, finding your voice and and her powerful lyrics."

"With the theme tackling r*pe culture and celebrating female empowerment, it’s a big responsibility to take on one’s shoulders – but Tate takes it on, and executes it perfectly. Self-described as punk-infused hip-hop, it results in what she calls ‘Brat Punk’ – fitting for the nature of her lyrics and the chaotic music only emphasises the message."


"Delilah Bon is unapologetic in her stance and her approach to her music. She is girl who has an opinion and she is not afraid to express it. She stands up for what she believes in with such passion and gusto that its hard not to be extremely impressed by her. She is certainly a force to be reckoned with and we firmly believe that with her level of commitment combined with her musical prowess that Delilah Bon is going to be a house hold name."

"Delilah Bon is the voice of a new generation that isn’t prepared to lie down and take shit from any sort of alleged authority, and this record serves as the bible in which a new movement is born: a movement of positivity, a movement of acceptance, a movement of self-love and independence; a movement in which separate outcasted communities can come together against a common evil."


"This is a record that has feminism at its heart. Already a known talent Bon has just enhanced her reputation several fold with this release. It’s a masterful record from someone who still has the greater part of her career ahead of her."

"It is an uncompromising record and that is the strength of this debut album. The highlight is a song like 'School' with a nice variety and the fantastically impressive 'War on Women'. It is an album that has something to say"


"The living embodiment of the DIY attitude. Glen Danzig from The Misfits recently bemoaned how ‘woke culture’ meant punk could never happen now. Well, it’s happening right here Glen! And as Huggy Bear yelled back in ‘93, “this is happening without your permission!”"


"Tracks like ‘Bad Attitude’ take you back to the early punk rap of Rage Against The Machine with fuzzy, relentless guitars mixed with Tate’s unfiltered messages of female empowerment. Elsewhere, on ‘Soul Sisters’ there are hints of nineties and noughties hip hop that blends in effortlessly with the heavier punk sounds. This is an album that’s going to play very well on stage."

"This is an album I WISH I had as a kid, being bullied in school where I would sing “Misfit” by Amy Studt to myself. It has that same energy and then some, especially in the lyrical content. Songs like “Soul Sisters”, “Chop Dicks”, “School”, and “Bad Attitude” are fine examples of this, like with the first, singing “I don’t want to fight, I just want to make love, you and me tonight”. There’s a welcoming level of confidence within the lyrics, inviting the listener to believe in themselves and have confidence in who they are. There’s always something important to say with each song and it’s spoken and sung with so much conviction from Delilah that it’s easy to side with at every syllable heard."


"An important theme that seems key to the album is that of feminism and the need for empowerment. Delilah stated that ‘’the album is a celebration of female empowerment and independence. Made by a woman as a voice for women and non-binary people, I wrote about rape culture, girls uplifting girls and self-love. This isn’t an easy thing to achieve, and to carry that much weight is a powerful thing to convey in an album, but Delilah has done it.......One word that I believe best sums up the album is ‘unapologetic’. She has made it exactly how she wants it, and if you don’t like it then that’s your problem."


"All rise for the queen of brat-punk: Delilah Bon’s album is out! As one of our Flavours of 2021, it’s safe to say that Delilah Bon will definitely define the soundtrack to the year, because her tunes are perfect for everything – shaking it, smashing the patriarchy, celebrating women, and altogether just partying hard. And we thought there could be no one better to celebrate as our band of the month..."

"That this is self-produced, again an area where women are sadly undervalued and under-represented, is of even more testament to the array of skills that Tate has and to her drive to be DIY and fully present her musical vision untouched by any outside influence..... Tate‘s ability to deliver succinct and comprehensible vocals in this manner, coupled with the passion and belief in the empowerment of women and fighting for those who have traditionally not been seen to be equal, demonstrates just how far she can go as an artist in a plethora of different styles. This release could finally be the one to propel Lauren Tate into the public eye and place her at the forefront of rising British talent across the musical world."


"A captivating blend of rap and nu-metal...The whole album is an outstanding piece of work from start to finish..."

"Delilah Bon is an album for every moment in a feminist’s life: pre-drinks with the girls, march- ing in the streets and crying alone when everything’s just becoming too much. It is an almost flawless release: diverse, compelling, and brave. Feminist anger has never been so fun."












I'm the singer-songwriter, producer, rapper, artist, all round boss b*tch DELILAH BON! Creating music & empowering all your daughters to take no sh*t in this world, that's who!


I call it Brat Punk influenced Hip Hop. Fusing Punk & Rap together, with driving fuzz bass, rapping & throaty screaming. My lyrics address womens' issues with female empowerment as a main theme throughout my songs!


I'm influenced by Y2K Nu-Metal, Pop & Hip Hop. Think Korn meets Salt N Pepa or 2000's P!nk meets Otep. I love the fashion and glam of Y2K Pop which I blend with my love for everything gritty & gross in metal!


I've fronted the alternative rock band 'Hands Off Gretel' since my teen years, playing hundreds of punk shows and releasing multiple albums that I also wrote & co-produced. Alongside that I've released multiple alternative rock/pop solo albums under my name 'Lauren Tate' before creating Delilah during lockdown in 2019, all of which I wrote & self-produced. My music career began at 12 years old on YouTube performing rock and pop covers that quickly became viral, gaining millions of views worldwide.


Yeah I write, record and produce all of my own music. My mum shoots all of my videos & photographs and I edit them and then I draw & design all of my merchandise & artwork. It's a small team here at Delilah HQ but it's destined for big things.